Queensland’s Outback is really at the heart of Outback Australia with its deep history and many experiences to be had.

We will cover here a few of the Festivals and Events that you can experience in Outback Australia.

Of course you can find in our guide (available at any Queensland visitor information centre and online) what the Outback Australia experience has to offer in Far West Queensland.

Here is just a taste of what’s on offer with Festivals, must see events in the area, and more to do.

Outback Australia – Queensland’s Outback: Festivals to Check Out

Discover Festivals of the first settling towns in QLD. Catching the local festivals is a great way to experience the historical towns through-out Queensland’s Outback in the heart of Outback Australia. Through catching these festivals you will also witness stunning scenery, meet amazing communities, all the while helping many great causes.

Curry Merry Muster Festival
When: July 30th – August 2nd
What: This festival has been running since 1954 providing the surrounding areas and Cloncurry with this great event with exciting Rodeo moments. Celebrating rodeo and involving a variety of events for all ages including: The Bush Poets Breakfast, Junior Rodeo, and Teddy Bears Picnic.

Winton Outback Festival
When: September 25th – September 26th
What: An Outback Festival that is the highlight of all festivals in Far West Queensland. This festival is great for families and everyone who loves Outback Australia. The Festival has many performances, activities, and even record breaking challenges. It is a five day festival held during the spring school holidays. There are many prizes, nightly music concerts and special activities for the kids.

Outback Australia – Queensland’s Outback: Must See Events in the Area

There are many events in Queensland’s Outback that are a ‘must see’ each with their own show of culture and diversity. With these events you can learn the rich history of the Australian Outback and witness tributes to the unsung heroes of the outback, the stockmen and women of the past and present. There are also local arts, market stalls, exhibits and more!

Outback Stockman’s Show – Australian Stockman’s Hall Of Fame
When: April 1st – October 25th
What: Here you’ll see what it was ‘really’ like in Outback Australia. There is a live action crew of working dogs, bullock teams, stock horses, a camel, and a pack horse. All playing a part it representing and educating what a tremendous job the stockmen and women of Far West Queensland have done and continue to do. You can catch this event at various times from April to October running on Tuesday- Sunday.

Boulia Camel Races (Quirky Events)
When: July 17th – July 19th.
What: 3 days of exciting entertainment that includes the famous camel races. These races include the Camel Cup and the Quarter-Mile Flyer. All through the weekend there are market stalls, entertainment for the children, camel rides as well as a catered kitchen along with a marvellous atmosphere.

Quilpie and District show and rodeo
When: September 1st – September 30th
What: This weekend brings together a large agricultural display of livestock, machinery and traditions. There is a side show alley, rodeo, and market stalls. A fun event if you are traveling through Far West Queensland in the spring.

Outback Australia – Queensland’s Outback: More to Do

When traveling through Outback Australia particularly Queensland’s Outback, you will always find the people and communities to be friendly and helpful.

The festivals and events in this region will leave you with plenty of pictures and stories to tell the family about.

There is always more to do than we can cover in this post we suggest that when you are traveling through the region that you can stop by the friendly local Visitor Information Centre and pick up a copy of Wots on in Qlds’s festivals and events guide. At the same time find out the specific details regarding whats on for that week as well as suitable accommodation.

But don’t take our word for it, Queensland’s Outback is definitely something that everyone has to see and experience for themselves. Outback Australia at its best!

Stay tuned for more highlights for Outback Australia in this blog section of Queensland’s Outback.